Center for Social and Health Care Effectiveness -project

01.01.2021 -
University of Helsinki and the University of Eastern Finland started a co-project this year to draw up an action plan for the Center for Social and Health Care Effectiveness. The aim of the project is to define the position, role, structure and the operating methods of the Center for Effectivenes...

Clinical Nutrition and Nutrition Therapy

Our research is based on randomized controlled dietary inervention studies examining the effects of nutrients, diet and lifestyle on metabolism and risk of non-communicable diseases. We concentrate on the health effects of the quality of dietary fat, dietary fiber and dietary patterns. Lately, we...

Elderly care research

Elderly care research group is a multidisciplinary research group, which focus on elderly care management and organizational issues and wellbeing of the elderly people in national and international contexts.

Environmental Law Research Group

01.08.2000 -
Multidisciplinary and internationally oriented research group. The research covers central themes of traditional and modern environmental law.

Food Valley

Food valley (Ruokalaakso) is an open knowledge-based network, which supports know-how and influence of food sector in Northern Savo.

Geospatial Health

01.01.2018 - 31.12.2023
Geospatial Health tutkimusryhmään kuuluu tutkijoita Historia- ja maantieteiden laitokselta Itä-Suomen yliopistosta sekä geofarmasian alan väitöskirjatutkimus USAssa. Tutkimusryhmä on Itä-Suomen yliopiston Vaikuttavuus terveys- ja sosiaalipalveluissa (EFFECTIVENESS) -tutkimusyhteisön jäsen.