Aerosol Physics Research Group

The research carried out in the Aerosol Physics Group focuses on atmospheric aerosols, which are liquid or solid particles suspended in air. The group studies how atmospheric aerosols form and transform in the atmosphere and the role they play in the Earth's climate through their interactions wit...

Computational Physics and Inverse Problems research group

The Computational Physics and Inverse Problems research group studies computational and Bayesian inverse problems as well as uncertainty modelling. The group consists of several research teams with application fields in biomedical, industrial, geophysical and atmospheric inverse problems.

Biogeochemistry research group

Biogeochemistry research group (BGC) focuses on studying the effects of climate change and land-use change on the biogeochemical cycles and on dynamics of gases important in the atmosphere. The conducted research spans various scales from molecules to ecosystems to landscape.

Aku Seppänen

Associate Professor , Department of Applied Physics

Ville Leinonen

Early Stage Researcher , Department of Applied Physics