Our team aim to find new solutions to utilize various biomasses. We do chemical and antimicrobial characterization for biorefining products, such as bio oils from thermal conversion processes.

Industrial Forest Biotechnology and Biorefining (InBio)

24.10.2017 -
Research group is studying Biorefining and Biotechnological consepcts and processes, technological solutions and applications in industrial scale based on lignocellulosic and other bio-based raw materials.

Kaisa Raninen

Project Researcher , SIB Labs Infrastructure Unit

Bioorganic chemistry

Research in the interface between organic and biological chemistry. Protein structure & function, biorefining and bioanalytical chemistry. X-ray crystallography and mass spectrometry.

Biomaterials technology group

Biomaterials technology group focuses on biomaterials, techniques and applications in biomedical technology, biorefining and coating technologies. Although conventionally biomaterials are considered for medical devices and equipment, the BMTG research and projects cover a wider range of raw mater...

SIB Labs infrastructure unit

Infrastructure unit in the Faculty of Science and Forestry; we master special equipment that can be used for researchers' and other collaborators' needs (incl. educational and research institutes, companies). We provide consultation, analytical services and research and/or development projects.