Cross-Border Cooperation Project "Kantele Goes Global! Ground Zero"

This project seeks to promote internationalization of kantele music and foster closer cooperation between Finnish and Russian kantele players. The project’s lead partner is the Ensemble “Kantele” from Petrozavodsk. Two other partners are the Runosong Academy (Kuhmo) and the National Art School (P...

Henna Jalkanen

Nuorempi tutkija, Department of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition

Immunology of type 1 diabetes

We study the immunological dysfunctions in human type 1 diabetes by utilizing samples from well-characterized Finnish clinical cohorts and by using state-of-the-art biomedical methodology

Kuopio Pediatric Research Unit - KUPRU - Research Projects

Research projects:
- Adrenarche – Increase of adrenal androgen secretion in childhood
- Lower respiratory infections in children/Treatment of bronchiolitis and wheezy bronchitis
- Recognizing the type of dyspnea with smartphone motion sensors
- Fitness, nutrition and q...

Markku Niemivirta

Professor, Educational Science, School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education