Adolescent psychiatry: Youth Well-being Study and REAL-SMART

Our group’s main focus of interest is the psychological and physical wellbeing of young people and the interaction between these two aspects. We also study the ways and reasons why young people use drugs and alcohol as well as possible interventive and preventive strategies.

We are...

Aija Jantunen

Laboratoriohoitaja, Clinical Research Centre (Mediteknia): Internal Medicine / Laboratory

Aija Kekkonen

Laborantti, Clinical Pathology and Forensic Medicine

Alina Solomon

Postdoctoral Researcher, Clinical Research Centre (Canthia): Neurology

Allergy Research Group

Allergy and allergens are mysterious

It is not known what is the property of most of the allergenic proteins which make them allergenic. It is neither known why most individuals do not mount a productive immune response against them resulting in IgE production and the immediate-typ...

Alzheimer's disease Follow-Up Study - ALSOVA

From monitoring care, use of health and social services and costs to the prediction of resources needed in care and the importance of Alzheimer's disease from the point of view of health economy.

The members of the ALSOVA-research group, led by professor Anne Koivisto, and the coll...

Anette Hall

University Researcher, Clinical Research Centre (Canthia): Neurology