Analytical unit of the school of Pharmacy

The analytical unit of the School of Pharmacy offers analytical chemistry method development and analysis services for the researchers and our collaborators in mass spectrometry, magnetic resonance spectroscopy and inorganic chemistry.

Anna Kuikka

Marketing Coordinator (leave of absence since 14.10.2019), Communications and Media Relations

Anna Simolin

External Relations Manager, Performance Management and Quality

Anne Heikkinen

Toimituspäällikkö, Communications and Media Relations

Anu Arosanervo

Planning Secretary, Performance Management and Quality

Anu Liikanen

Research Development Manager, Research Services

Arto Koistinen

Research Director, Director of SIB Labs, SIB Labs Infrastructure Unit

Bioinformatics Center

Bioinformatics Center provides expert services and training in bioinformatics, data analytics, method development, and data management. Bioinformatics Center maintains server infrastructure, and coordinates collaboration between researchers in various fields on bioinformatics issues. The servers ...