Mobilising Populism

Populist parties have succeeded in the elections both in Finland, in Europe and globally. As a result of political popularity the scientific community has become interested in populism, producing diverse research on its causes and consequences. Inspired by previous research we aim to build a soci...

Parables as persuasive narratives

20.09.2019 - 20.09.2025
Our values and action are shaped by narratives. The parables of Jesus belong to the most influential of them. But the interpretations are contradictory, as we do not know how they function. This project aims at cracking the code of the parables.

Populist attraction

There is no end to the victory of populist parties, in Finland, in Europe and globally. Despite the enormous interest in social scientific research in the 21st century, little is known about how populist rhetoric persuades and mobilises voters. This research project “The populist attraction: imag...

Riikka Hirvonen

Senior Researcher , School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education

Taru Peltola

Associate Professor , Department of Geographical and Historical Studies