Ari Sivenius [Group leader and responsible researcher]

Research themes [PeTa]
Exclusion, education system and pedagogy
Curriculum, moral and discursive order
Teacher education here and now
Art and skill-based pedagogy and implicit knowledge

The research group of Aquatic Ecology and Behavioural Ecology

01.01.2010 -
The research group of Aquatic Ecology and Behavioural Ecology operates on both campuses in Joensuu and Kuopio at the Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences. The main research areas include aquatic biology, aquatic ecology, evolutionary ecology and behavioural ecology, and the researc...

Accounting and Finance

We publish high-quality international research in Finance, Financial Accounting, Auditing, and Management accounting.

Water research

Science-based management of water resources and aquatic environments

Brain Research Unit - Clinical Drug Research

The Brain Research Unit is a part of the Clinical Research Center that is committed to conducting high quality research in clinical science and in drug development in collaboration with local, national and international research groups and pharmaceutical industry.

The unit works in...

Responsive Natural Resources Governance Research Group

The main aim of this research group is to analyse the local, bilateral and multilateral environmental governance interventions and agreements. We also study policy changes and strategical processes, such as the transition towards circular and bio-based economy.

Neuro-impact and innovation research team

The Neuro-impact and innovation research team focuses on the management and organisation of brainhealth research. More specifically, the research team explores how research impact and innovation are achieved through collaborative research strategies that engage neuroscientists with their stakehol...