Computational speech group

08.10.2017 -
Main topic of our group is speaker recognition: the task of connecting speech sample to an identity (who is speaking?). We work on improving both robustness (improved accuracy under varied channel, noise and other disturbances) and security of such systems (detection of representation attacks, al...

Developmental evaluation

The research group of "Developmental evaluation" focuses on assessment and evaluation of pupils, students and organisations approaching them by the principles of development-orientation, participation and empowerment. As a part of research work, teachers' in-service education is organised. Profe...

Di Wu

Postdoctoral Researcher , Biogeochemistry Research Group

Economic evaluation of cultural Health and Wellbeing -project

01.04.2022 - 30.04.2023
The project is also referred to as ArtWell.

The project is funded by Government’s analysis, assessment, and research activities (VN TEAS funding). The project is being carried out by the University of Eastern Finland's The House of Effectiveness, the University of the Arts Helsinki...

Institute for empirical legal studies

The Institute supports research and education on empirical legal studies. We organize teaching and develop the field at the University of Eastern Finland and nationally. We collaborate with various partners (authorities, organizations) and are ready to offer our expertise to development, evaluati...

Irina Lavikainen

Senior Innovation Specialist , Performance Management and Quality

Jin Kang

Assistant Professor , School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education

Laura Tomppo

Senior Researcher , Department of Applied Physics