Anusha Balla

Ph.D.student, Early Stage Researcher, School of Pharmacy


Inflammation is associated with various chronic diseases many of which have insufficient treatment options. Along with inflammatory signaling, we study more broadly cellular events in order to reveal molecular mechanisms and dysfunctionalities behind the pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases.

Juha Lång

University Teacher, English Language and Translation, Foreign Languages and Translation Studies

Laure Fauch

Postdoc-tutkija, Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences

Mika Reinisalo

Tutkijatohtori (täsmälääketeknologiat, painopisteenä silmätaudit), School of Pharmacy

Ocular Drug Delivery group (ODD)

The Ocular Drug Delivery (ODD) group develops advanced drug delivery methods for targeted and prolonged drug delivery to both the anterior and posterior segments of the eye. Furthermore, we use computational tools for drug development and preclinical-to-clinical translation to build a quantitativ...