Molecular modelling research group

The molecular modelling research group of the Department of Chemistry has research focus in surfaces, catalysis and new materials. Fundamental studies based on molecular modelling are used to develop solutions to industrial global challenges.

Human Brain Disease Modelling (Lehtonen lab)

Our research focuses on revealing the cellular and molecular mechanisms of neurological diseases, especially Parkinson`s disease (PD). We utilize patient-derived brain cells in novel human-based models, including 3D culture systems and midbrain organoids, to more accurately mimic the diseased bra...

Computational Physics and Inverse Problems research group

The Computational Physics and Inverse Problems research group studies computational and Bayesian inverse problems as well as uncertainty modelling. The group consists of several research teams with application fields in biomedical, industrial, geophysical and atmospheric inverse problems.

Aki Pulkkinen

Senior Researcher , Department of Applied Physics

Ari Laurén

Associate Professor , School of Forest Sciences