Institute of Photonics

Institute of Photonics combines all research and education in optics and photonics at the University of Eastern Finland. It provides a unique combination of expertize and facilities on photonics. Institute of Photonics belongs to the Photonics Research and Innovation (PREIN) Flagship.

Isaac O. Afara

Academy Research Fellow , Department of Applied Physics

Joensuu Photonics Center - JPC

01.06.2020 - 15.06.2022
The project is funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The project is implemented by University of Eastern Finland, Business Joensuu Oy (coordinator) and Karelia University of Applied Sciences.

Laure Fauch

Postdoc-tutkija, Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences

Maryam Samavaki

Postdoctoral Researcher , Department of Physics and Mathematics

Pasi Vahimaa

Professor , Department of Physics and Mathematics

Petri Karvinen

Research Manager , Department of Physics and Mathematics