ACMESOCS: Auditory Cultures, Mediated Sounds and Constructed Spaces

The project researches urban auditory cultures in how they are experienced, articulated and reclaimed. Special attention is paid to the concepts of listener, place, and music and to different interests manifested sonically in shared sonic environment. The project is shedding light on social, lega...

Anni Calcara

University Teacher, English Language, Foreign Languages and Translation Studies

Complex Analysis

Complex Analysis, or Complex Function Theory, is a field of mathematics which studies analytic or meromorphic functions, integration and mappings in the complex plane or its subsets.

Department of Geographical and Historical Studies

Our research is focussed on the mutual impacts of space, time and the environment. We emphasise that these research themes are marked by socio-cultural, as well as spatial characteristics, and regularly reflect transnational and comparative approaches. Both qualitative and quantitative methodolog...

FCLab.lukio – Future Classroom Lab for Upper Secondary Schools

The FCLab.lukio project develops nature affiliated learning environments and recovery spaces with the help of interior design and digital immersion. The goal is to enrich learning experiences, enhance study motivation and collaboration as well as to foster concentration and recovery from stress. ...