Water research

Science-based management of water resources and aquatic environments

Responsive Natural Resources Governance Research Group

The main aim of this research group is to analyse the local, bilateral and multilateral environmental governance interventions and agreements. We also study policy changes and strategical processes, such as the transition towards circular and bio-based economy.

Environmental Law Research Group

01.08.2000 -
Multidisciplinary and internationally oriented research group. The research covers central themes of traditional and modern environmental law.

Income support and child protection

01.09.2021 - 31.12.2023
In the present study, we explore in the Finnish context whether additional income support for economically insecure households reduces the demand for child protection services at the municipality level. The reducing mechanism of additional income support is well studied but mostly in the US conte...


TUVET/KTVA//#Best school – project of developing a model for multi-professional work and supporting behavioral and emotional strengths.

Tax Law Research Group

The priorities of tax law research are, inter alia, international tax law, as well as aspects related to the tax process and the legal protection of the taxpayer. Research is conducted in collaboration with other field of law and disciplines, producing information to support societal decision-mak...