Computational Spectral Imaging

01.01.1985 -
The group is a joint research group of the School of Computing and the Department of Physics and Mathematics. It belongs to the Institute of Photonics. From its origin at the middle of 1980's the group has focused on the spectrum based color research and novel methods for spectral data analysis a...

Laure Fauch

Postdoc-tutkija, Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences

SIB Labs infrastructure unit

Infrastructure unit in the Faculty of Science and Forestry; we master special equipment that can be used for researchers' and other collaborators' needs (incl. educational and research institutes, companies). We provide consultation, analytical services and research and/or development projects.

Plant biology

The research group studies function of plants in response to environmental and climate change by using ecophysiologial, molecular biological methods and metabolomics, and utilizes novel spectral imaging techniques for biological research.


We explore changes of vegetation, hydrology and peat during recent decades in aapa mires by repeated case studies and a sample of 120 aapa mires. The case studies will provide detailed information of changes and are used to develop and test remote sensing and peat-imaging methodology.

Isaac Afara

Academy Research Fellow , Department of Applied Physics

Hannu Laamanen

University Lecturer , Department of Physics and Mathematics