Computational speech group

08.10.2017 -
Main topic of our group is speaker recognition: the task of connecting speech sample to an identity (who is speaking?). We work on improving both robustness (improved accuracy under varied channel, noise and other disturbances) and security of such systems (detection of representation attacks, al...

Machine Learning

Main research areas: Machine learning, data mining, pattern recognition.
Main topics: Clustering, intelligent location-aware systems, GPS track analysis, web mining, social networks, recommendation systems, speech technologoy, voice biometrics.

Parables as persuasive narratives

20.09.2019 - 20.09.2025
Our values and action are shaped by narratives. The parables of Jesus belong to the most influential of them. But the interpretations are contradictory, as we do not know how they function. This project aims at cracking the code of the parables.

Karjala ja kielikontaktit

01.01.2011 -
Ryhmä koostuu senioritutkijoista, post doc -tutkijoista ja nuoremmista tutkijoista. Ryhmässä tutkitaan monipuolisesti karjalan kielen eri varieteetteja ja niiden kielikontakteja suomen ja venäjän kanssa.