Institute for empirical legal studies

The Institute supports research and education on empirical legal studies. We organize teaching and develop the field at the University of Eastern Finland and nationally. We collaborate with various partners (authorities, organizations) and are ready to offer our expertise to development, evaluati...

Human-Animal Studies Network

Human-Animal Studies (HAS) is a field in which researchers investigate the relations and interactions between humans, nonhuman animals, society and culture. This field brings together researchers from number of different disciplines: sociology, political science, law, humanities etc. Also in many...

Eurasian Studies

01.11.2017 -
International Network, located at UEF VERA Center, unites 9 participant countries along the Silk Road path.

Sari Tillonen

Early Stage Researcher , Department of Geographical and Historical Studies

Department of Geographical and Historical Studies

Our research is focussed on the mutual impacts of space, time and the environment. We emphasise that these research themes are marked by socio-cultural, as well as spatial characteristics, and regularly reflect transnational and comparative approaches. Both qualitative and quantitative methodolog...