Digital and Intelligent Management of Service Operation

Closed. 01.08.2020 - 31.07.2022


The project is funded by European Social Fund (ESF). The project is implemented by University of Eastern Finland.


Main funder

South Savo Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

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The main objectives of Digital and Intelligent Management of Service Operation (DAIM) are to:
1) improve productivity and scalability of service operation in companies by identifying new digital and AI compliant solutions,
2) increase employees’ competences on digital and intelligent service operation techniques, processes and methods in Northern Savo,
3) identify and develop digital-enabled operation models for management and organizing work that support more flexible work and,
4) improve work wellbeing of employees, enterprises and entrepreneurs in North Savo area by enhancing and fastening the adaptation to digital transformation.
There is a significant need for the project because companies in North Savo need new competences for building, utilizing and maintaining digital services and maintaining critical infrastructure secure. DAIM project shall make service operation management more efficient and effective by enhancing digital service request management, increasing the utilization of digital collaboration platforms and decreasing manual customer service work through intelligent automation and artificial intelligence. Additionally, DAIM shall increase competences that help paying more attention to digital identity management, information and cybersecurity during the whole lifecycle of service operation, supporting the Digital Education Action Plan of European Union. The results of the project can be utilized widely and domain-independently.
The DAIM project consortium consists of micro&SME service companies from several domains (marketing, advertisement services, dental healthcare, ICT, fintech, consulting): Call to Action, Funlus,, IlonaIT, NettiTieto, SoftwareHouse, Tahto Group, Efecte) and engine companies responsible for the critical infrastructure of North Savo (Savon Voima, Voimatel, Istekki). The project shall collaborate with DigiCenter North Savo, BusinessCenter, Savo Entrepreneurs’ YOM2 project and Kuopio Living Lab project of Kuopio city to foster digitalization in North Savo.
Central work actions (WA) of DAIM project are:
WA1) Establishment of Digital Service Operation Management framework:
WA2) Increasing digital service operation competences by organizing a training programme with 6 modules: Service design for digital age, Operation and delivery of digital services, Identity and access management in service operation, Utilizing cloud platforms in service operation, Information security and service operation, Artificial Intelligence in service business and service operation:
WA3) Measurement of competences for digital service operation and AI in Northern Savo area:
WA4) Organizing DAIM workshops and Digital Service Operation discussion forum with 6 round table discussion events: and
WA5) Dissemination & exploitation of results including project communication activities, organizing 4 project seminars and publishing project reports.
Key results of DAIM project are: Digital Service Operation framework and its validation with companies, digital skills programme Digital, Intelligent and Interactive Service Operation with 6 modules, Digital Service Operation & AI competence measurement study in North Savo, 4 DAIM workshops and DigiCoffee round table discussion events, as well as 3 project reports on digital service operation. As a result from DAIM, companies in Nort Savo have improved conditions to utilize digital tools and methods (digital self service, conversational AI, cloud platforms, identity and access management) in their service operation which results in better productivity and increased wellbeing at work. The horizontal principles of European Social Fund, Baltic Sea strategy and equality principles have been taken into account in DAIM project.

Time period

01.08.2020 - 31.07.2022

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