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Research group
Finished 01.04.2018 - 31.12.2022
Faculty of Health Sciences


Translational genomics and mechanics training programme focuses on
1. basic genomics research of major common diseases
2. molecular research cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and neurosciences
3. translational research aiming at clinical adaptation of research results

European and global health care is faced with a growing burden of major age-associated diseases. New means of diagnosis and treatment are needed to survive the challenges in health care.

With long time established and successful experience in both research and researcher training, the GenomMed programme will provide the ESRs:
* multidisciplinary research skills that will enable pursuit of an academic career and employment to R&D positions outside academia
* increased transferable skills leading to employment in private and health care sectors, enhanced entrepreneurship, and academic careers
* increased innovation potential of individuals leading to creation of new health care products, services, treatments and more efficient health care processes, i.e. increasing the research and innovation output
* abilities to make greater contributions to the society, both helping the knowledge-based society and creating a meaningful life and career




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