LogoLab II -project (EAKR)

01.03.2022 - 31.08.2023


Development of logopedics and speech research infrastructure, Phase II (LogoLab II) aims to further develop the simulation and speech research laboratory towards a multidisciplinary and collaborative research and innovation center.

The LogoLab II project is primarily an infrastructure and investment project whose effects extend beyond the university through therapy work and collaborative research, clinics and innovation activities. The Simulation Room for logopedics and Speech Research Laboratory aims to further develop the simulation and speech research laboratory in conjunction with the university's other related disciplines (psychology, computer science, linguistics speech research, medicine) with towards a multidisciplinary and collaborative research and innovation center. As an infrastructure project, the project attaches itself to the objectives of a wider multi-professional and multidisciplinary clinics and research cluster.


Main funder

Regional Council of North Karelia

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In the project a variety of research and teaching tools will be acquired from the following device groups:Research equipment, by which, above all, will be observed test subjects and collected data on their psycho-physical reactions under study. Software to analyze research data. High level sound sources and microphones which are necessary for both logopedics and linguistic speech research. Remote monitoring, VR- and high-speed imaging systems. which will apply for research, teaching and therapy use. Silent booths for remote therapy use.As practical measures, this means further conversion, expansion and equipping facilities already built and equipped to meet the needs of multi- professional clinics and multidisciplinary research.

The objective of the room is not only educational, but also aims to facilitate the spatial deficit of Siunsote and to develop cost-effective use of facilities at the University, for example, so that some of Siunsote’s speech therapy is possible at the University of Eastern Finland’s facilities. This is how clinical therapy work, training and research meet in the same environment with each other support. The equipment and simulation space to be acquired in the project will have direct links with the working world, including by making use of devices and facilities in the professional updating education and specialist training of speech therapists. Facilities and equipment also provide resources for multi- professional clinics, diagnostics and therapy.The multi-professional and multi-disciplinary use of the laboratory and simulation space will raise the utilisation of equipment and other infrastructure to a very high and appropriate level.

The project results will be a modern learning and research environment, especially for speech therapy. The space enables an innovative and inspiring platform for other multi-professional clinics and speech research. This ensures and establishes a quality primary, updating and specialist training for the field of activity at the Joensuu campus of the University of Eastern Finland. Also a significant result is the learning and research environment that supports speech therapists in their profession. In terms of research, the simulation space and laboratory form therapy methods and technologies as an innovation and development environment.

In the longn term, the results of the project will affect the health and well-being of people with speech disorders living in North Karelia and, more broadly, in Eastern Finland. As a high-quality operating environment, the simulation space, laboratory and equipment base ensure high levels of training and research results. The operating environment as a multi-professional clinics/laboratory space enables the development, piloting and deployment of new types of multidisciplinary and professional practices. At the same time, a high-quality operational environment brings the University of Eastern Finland in terms of logopedics training and multidisciplinary speech research infrastructure comparable with Finnish but also international activities in the discipline.

Project is funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Regional Council of North-Karelia.


Time period

01.03.2022 - 31.08.2023