Multiple Sclerosis - research group

Research group

Our specific aims are:

To elucidate the role of neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis using modern brain imaging and OCT methods in correlation with clinical variables and biomarkers. We also evaluate the correlation of heart rate variability and autonomic dysfunction with neurodegenerative biomarkers.

To evaluate the role of nutrition and cut microbiome in clinical course of multiple sclerosis.

Research group leader Prof. Remes has a wide expertise in clinical drug trials of multiples sclerosis and she is the chair of Current Care Guidelines for multiple sclerosis in Finland. She is also the Finnish representative of ECTRIMS council. The research group has tight collaboration with neuroradiology, ophthalmology, cardiology and clinical nutrition.

Senior Investigators and Postdocs

Päivi Hartikainen, neurologist, MD, PhD
Sakari Simula, neurologist, MD, PhD

Doctoral Students

Alma Mikkola, BM
Tiina Mustonen, BM
Marja Niiranen, MD
Hanna-Mari Tertsunen, BM

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