Renewing Dialogue in Social and Health Care – Leadership, Well-being and Productivity

Closed. 01.01.2019 - 31.12.2021


The project is funded by European Social Fund (ESF).
The project is implemented by University of Eastern Finland, Tampere University (coordinator), Talentia Union of Professional Social Workers, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, Lapland University of Applied Sciences


Main funder

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Renewing Dialogue in Social and Health Care – Leadership, Well-being and Productivity funder logo Renewing Dialogue in Social and Health Care – Leadership, Well-being and Productivity funder logo Renewing Dialogue in Social and Health Care – Leadership, Well-being and Productivity funder logo

This development project strengthens and enhances dialogic and reflective meetings between different parties and multi professional actors in meeting and interaction spaces. During these meetings, competence and renewal as well as related leadership will be boosted during the major changes in the operational environment of the social and health care organizations. The aim of this project is to assure the competence, high level of quality, customer orientation and safety as well as employees’ work ability and well-being during the major changes and in the future operational environment.
The project is national and it will be implemented in nine provinces in Finland. The project has four sub-projects, and every sub-project is responsible for the development work in its target organizations.
The development method is research-assisted, cooperative and dialogic. Organizational learning and renewal will be promoted through participatory and dialogic methods and tools that activate creativity and innovation. The stages, execution and methods of development varies between the sub-projects.
By achieving the goals of the project, it is possible to achieve increased productivity, improved quality of work life and innovations (social, technical and process innovations). The project focuses on
– development of the competences and leadership skills, particularly the development of the leadership of wellbeing and renewal
– location of the specific development needs of the participating organizations and
– finding of the solutions to the located development needs through co-development.
The target organizations of the project are the elderly services and the child welfare services organizations and their employees in different professional groups as well as management and supervisor positions.
The objectives of the project are
– To dialogically and cooperatively develop the employees’ competence, organizational structures, work and work processes, services as well as the way services are produced and the service culture
– To support and strengthen competent, dialogic, productive and effective leadership
– To strengthen the professional skills and meta-know-how of the participating employees and superiors, such as dialogic course of action, reflective working orientation, change and renewal skills and digitalization
– To prevent psycho-social risks by developing related working methods and tools.
The project will address the following development issues:
1. What are the needs for renewal experienced by target organizations and their customers?
2. What factors related to competence and leadership needs to be renewed and changed? What is worth maintaining? What could be given up?
3. What kind of managerial and leadership skills are needed?
4. What kind of support provided by the employer, management and supervisors contribute to the sustainability of staffing, safeguarding work ability and well-being, and productive and quality work?
The project provides participating organizations a development environment, which enables the renewal, competence development and self-knowledge of the employees as well as the sharing of the knowledge through multiform and participatory methods.
Increasing dialogue and collaboration between professionals, professions and organizations ensures customer-oriented services, clarifies working methods and increases the meaningfulness of work. Through the practices built in target organizations, the management of well-being and continuous development will be a natural part of the structures and everyday work processes during the changes in the operational environment. The project promotes employees’ well-being and workplace skills, and thereby, productivity of the work.
The project provides information on the dialogic leadership of well-being and renewal as well as required competences, which have a positive effect on performance, renewal, change and innovation. Organizations get the latest practical and research information regarding the reflective work, dialogic leadership, gerontology and related practices. The results of the development work are presented and discussed at the participating workplaces and between the participating organizations. The participating organizations can learn from each other. The project enables the fluent adaptation and change-over to a new operational environment, makes good use of the employees existing knowledge and strengthens the cooperative and dialogic development practices.

Time period

01.01.2019 - 31.12.2021

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