RESOURCE - Sustainable Resource Society: Circular Economy, Energy and Raw Materials

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RESOURCE research community studies the societal challenges of sustainability transitions in the fields of circular economy, energy and raw materials from the perspectives of politological, legal, business, geographical, historical and social studies and geoinformatics. In the sustainability transitions, there is a significant need for technological, institutional and behavioral changes with the help of improved sustainability governance and new business models. In its focus areas, RESOURCE provides analysis on regulatory and policy frameworks and policy instrument practices, on socio-ecological and spatial effects and social acceptance of transition processes, on sustainable financing, management and business model catalysts. RESOURCE has focus also on historical transitions and transition pathways towards sustainability, collaborative or conflict processes bridging cross-sectoral, intergovernmental, and public-private-civic relations in tackling transition challenges, and on challenges concerning various modes of multilevel governance.

The sustainability challenges and the systemic change need multidisciplinary understanding and specialized knowledge from various sciences. In RESOURCE, the multidisciplinary collaboration is implemented in the form of joint projects, common case studies and publications, regular meetings and workshops. In its activities, RESOURCE emphasizes societal relevance, which means good science communication and concrete working with various societal stakeholders both in local, national, EU and global levels.

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Director Prof. Rauno Sairinen,
Vice-directors: Prof. Hanna Lehtimäki, & Senior Lecturer Seita Romppanen,
Contact person: Research Manager Ville-Veikko Piispanen,

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