Social- and health care students´ and professionals’ multiprofessional simulation education, 2016-2022

The large group simulation has been developed annually through a research-based approach.Simulation-based education is based on simulations using drama and acting. Students don’t participate in simulations themselves; instead, simulations are executed by actors and professionals from different fields. The group organising the simulation included teachers from nursing science, pharmacy, medicine and social sciences, as well as from Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Karelia University of Applied Sciences and Kuopio University Hospital.

The Research Group:
Terhi Saaranen, UEF, The Research Leader
Marja Silen-Lipponen, Savonia
Taru Kekoni, UEF
Kaarina Mönkkönen, UEF
Miia, Tiihonen, UEF
Eija Piippo-Savolainen, KYS

Group members - UEF

Other group members

  • Marja Silen-Lipponen, Savonia
    Marja Silen-Lipponen, Savonia