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SOLA Matrix - Social Quality Effectiveness Indicators for Regional and Municipal Well-being

01.05.2022 - 31.10.2024
Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies


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SOLA Societal Social Quality, Wellbeing Reinforcement and Costs



Central Finland Health Care District coordinated project is funded by Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM) and this was to develop the Sola2 calculator. The projects aim is to further develop SOLA societal social quality monitoring tool and addressing the measurement of wellbeing, preconditions and reinforcement. The SOLA model has four dimensions—socioeconomic security, social empowerment, inclusion and cohesion.

The tool will be offered to all parties nationwide and will be connected to the digital wellbeing reporting system thus supporting knowledge management of wellbeing for municipalities and wellbeing counties.

The SOLA project functions within a basic healthcare unit. The Unit supports Central Finland county wellbeing and health care professionals. The Unit is part of the Research, information and training services of Health Care District and supports strategic management. Wellbeing Services County of Central Finland organizes social, health and rescue services from January 1, 2023. Our organization will be part of Wellbeing Services County of Central Finland. The website of the Wellbeing Services County is

SOLA Project solutions:

  • It adds a cost/savings potential to well-being knowledge, helping set goals and aligning measures by creating and implementing a strategy for promoting well-being.
  • The tool facilitates strategic and economic planning. The computation matrix calculator provides a broad-perspective, common knowledge base for setting goals and alignment of measures.
  • Decision-makers in municipalities and wellbeing counties can also use the estimates in connection to the electronic wellbeing report. The project helps develop knowledge management wellbeing of the municipality and the wellbeing county.

SOLA matrix calculator is based on the social quality model, previously researched in the Finnish Academy project of UEF in the PROMEQ scientific project and further developed by Central Finland Health Care District’s EPTT project. The research framework and the systemic approach supports amongst other things new ways of multidisciplinary work impacting the structure.

The current Sola2 model and calculator has been developed in cooperation with representatives from municipal and wellbeing counties, according to their needs and minimal requirements wellbeing reporting.

SOLA Calculator features:

  • Comparative indicators allow for impact assessment at an individual, close net and locality level
  • Assessments are offered for one, five and ten years
  • Outlining the wellbeing impacting factors, the prerequisites for strengthening wellbeing and, on the other hand, the savings incurred from wellbeing reinforcement

SOLA Project objectives:

  1. SOLA 2.0 computational matrix supports a comprehensive review of well-being in municipalities and wellbeing counties 5/2022-10/2023
  2. Well-being competence in municipalities and wellbeing counties is strengthened by the Sola 2.0 matrix 1/2023-10/2024
  3. Sola matrix 2.0 expands nation-wide and is part of the knowledge management for municipalities and wellbeing counties 5/2022-10/2024

Action plan:

  1. Sola is developed in cooperation with pilot municipalities, wellbeing counties and social investments/projects; process evaluation is closely following the matrix development 5/2022-10/2023
  2. On-line training material on wellbeing, knowledge management and SOLA calculator, allows for wellbeing capacity strengthening 2/2023-10/2024
  3. Cooperation started and has been maintained with wellbeing reporting and research related bodies and professionals. 5/2022-10/2024 Preparation of matrix digitalisation 6/2023-10/2024
  4. Communication supports project goals achievement

The SOLA calculation matrix is open to everyone at the end of the project through Innokylä.


SOLA project continues the cooperation with UEF Effectiveness house and Sosped Center. Representatives from Central Finland municipalities and hospital district as welle as Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL have been previously involved in the development of first version of the calculator. In this project, the joint partners are municipalities of  Jyväskylä, Tampere, Kuopio, Petäjävesi, Central Finland, Pirkanmaa and Northern Savo wellbeing services counties and The Center of Excellence on Social Welfare in Central Finland KOSKE Digitalisation of the SOLA matrix will increase the usability of the tool and will automate information retrieval. Municipalities and counties may also apply information directly to their own interventions during the project.






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