STEAM, Multidisciplinary Craft Teaching and Learning

01.02.2022 -

Research group

The focus of the research group is on multidisciplinary teaching and learning modules which include crafts. STEAM as a concept and practice is a specific research topic.


School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education, Philosophical Faculty

This research group focuses on research on multidisciplinary teaching and learning, including crafts. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), its concept and forms of implementation, is a particular research area. The participants of the research group represent the different disciplines of STEAM, as our expertise covers science, technology and engineering, technology education, arts and crafts and mathematics. The research team includes researchers from different stages of the research career. We conduct research as a team and in collaboration with other stakeholders in both national and international networks.

Time period

01.02.2022 -

Group members - UEF

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