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Science-based management of water resources and aquatic environments

UEF water research brings together researchers and research groups from various fields of science. UEF water research aims to conduct research on a high international level and educate experts for water related fields. Furthermore, we aim to create an open innovation ecosystem, where stakeholders from the university, national research institutes, and water related businesses can meet and establish collaborative networks. By doing this, we aim to increase the impact of water related research and promote the sustainable use of water resources

UEF Water research community aims to be the most internationally recognized Finnish water research organization in ten years (goal). The strategy for reaching this goal research community has interdisciplinary missions for tree pillars:

Research: Practical innovative solutions stemming from internationally high-level research.
Education: Provide high-quality and timely information for future and existing experts in the water rated fields.
Impact: To be a trusted source of information and a provider of science-based knowledge to support decision making.

These pillars create the basis for an open innovation ecosystem that collects key stakeholders and collaborating institutes for collaborative water-related activities (vision). The strategy is based on integrity, high-quality & open research, and equality (values). The open innovation ecosystem will create a solid basis for high-impact research. The ecosystem is coordinated by the UEF water research.

All the activities of the multidisciplinary water research community will be reflected on the functioning of the new innovation ecosystem. Also, a new problem-based multidisciplinary training program to support continuous learning of professionals in water-related fields will be developed in collaboration with Savonia University of Applied Sciences and the Finnish sector research institutes (eg., LUKE, SYKE, GTK, THL, VTT) as well as with the private and public authorities.

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