Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research Group

Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research Unit (PHORU) is a research group with a primary focus on health technology assessment (HTA) and outcomes research (e.g., in terms of health-related quality of life, costs, work ability) of pharmacotherapies, health policies, and other health care technologies...

Genetics of gene regulation in disease

Transcription factors regulate their target genes not only upon specific stimuli, but also through binding to specific DNA sequences. Genetic variation that occurs on those binding sequences may disturb target gene expression. It is also a potential source for the “missing variation” in polygenic...


01.03.2012 -
The main objective of this study is to analyse the structure, processes and outcomes of primary health care in management of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, which will identify the gap between the evidence and day to day practice. Using geographical information, the variation of processes a...

Maria Lankinen

Postdoctoral Researcher , Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition

Tarja Kokkola

Quality Coordinator , Institute of Clinical Medicine

UEF - Nordic-UK Brain Network (UEF-NBN)

The main scope of our team is to increase the resources available to the field of dementia research and promote collaboration among participating countries, as well as world-wide.

The team is led by Associate Professor Alina Solomon, who is also Chief Scientific Officer of the NBN....