Niko Hänninen

Early Stage Researcher , Department of Applied Physics

North-Savo Skin Cancer Program (NoSCaP)

The purpose of the North-Savo Skin Cancer Program is to reduce the morbidity of skin cancers and to identify new immunomarkers for the prediction of risk and development of skin cancers.

Paakinaho lab: Transcription factor crosstalk in cancers

Our research aims to decipher the key transcriptional mechanism mediated by steroid receptors and pioneer factors in health and disease. Our specific interests are with transcription factor crosstalk in prostate cancer; how steroid receptors and pioneer factors alter each other’s activity impacti...

Prodrugs and Drug Delivery

The Prodrug and Drug Delivery group develops chemistry-based methods, especially prodrugs, for improved drug delivery and targeting.

Radiation Research Group (RARE)

The group investigates the effects of non-ionizing radiation, ionizing radiation and chemicals from the point of view of both environmental health and ecological risks.

Redox signaling (Anna-Liisa Levonen group)

Nrf2 is a transcription factor mainly involved in combating cellular stress caused by reactive oxygen and nitrogen species. However, Nrf2 is also involved in cancer and cardiometabolic diseases, making it an essential drug target.

Saija Sihvola

University Teacher , Department of Nursing Science

Stralina Eneh

Early Stage Researcher , Institute of Clinical Medicine