Algoa Progress

ALGOA PROGRESS is a "New Business from Research Ideas" (TUTLI) project funded by Business Finland and the European Regional Development Fund. The project aims to explore the commercial potential of an algorithm that can predict the progression of osteoarthritis. The project seeks to lay both tech...

Algorithmic Data Analysis

Algorithmic data analysis research group develops new methods for data analysis and studies applications thereof.

Allergy Research Group

Allergy and allergens are mysterious.

It is not known what is the property of most of the allergenic proteins which make them allergenic. It is neither known why most individuals do not mount a productive immune response against them resulting in IgE production and the immediate-ty...

Anam Hammid

Early Stage Researcher , School of Pharmacy

Andrew Agbaje

Early Stage Researcher , Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition

Animal Physiology

Animals are exposed to natural and anthropogenic environmental stresses that affect animal life at all levels of biological organization, from molecules and cells to organs, individuals, and populations. We study the physiological adaptation and acclimation of ectothermal animals, mainly fish, an...

Anna Kaasinen

University Lecturer , Department of Applied Physics