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Alexandra  Simon

Alexandra Simon

University Lecturer

My name is Alexandra Simon-López, and I am Head of German and Senior Lecturer. My research focuses on inter- and transcultural literature and interculturality in general, including intercultural communication in business.

School of Humanities, Philosophical Faculty | +358 50 442 3588

My primary fields of research are transculturality, imagology, German writers abroad, German film and television, the European Avant-Garde, and the Apocalypse in cultural productions. I teach all areas of German language and culture courses, including text workshops, oral communication, literature and culture courses, media and business German courses.

I am Docent in Multicultural Literature and Media Studies (University of Turku), and I hold a PhD in Comparative Literature (University of Eastern Finland). My professional career and multilingual and intercultural research projects are grounded in my enthusiasm and personal life, as I have lived and worked in several European countries over the past 20 years. I studied in Germany (Düsseldorf), Spain (Salamanca) and France (Nice), worked as a lecturer in France (Nantes) and the United Kingdom (Cambridge).


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