Anssi  Neuvonen

Anssi Neuvonen

Doctoral Researcher

Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, Karelian Institute

I am writing my doctoral dissertation about Karelianness in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The focus of my study is on self-images and identity narratives of associations and persons who identify themselves as Karelians in the area. Interviews, questionnaires and memory collections are used as the source material. The study is part of Urban Karelianity research project, led by Professor Maria Lähteenmäki.

The research questions of my study are: What kind of self-images do Karelian associations in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area have? What kind of Karelianness are the associations and their members producing? What kind of ethnic-cultural discourses, meanings of home and memories are the associations and their members constructing? What about persons who identify themselves as Karelians but are not members of the associations? The study deals with identity processes related to migration, generational aspects of identification, and different meanings of Karelianness and Finnishness. Most importantly, the study analyses Karelianness in a new kind of surrounding: as part of urbanised Helsinki Metropolitan Area, an area where multiple articulations of Karelianness can be recognised.


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