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Arto  Koistinen

Arto Koistinen

Director of Research Infrastructure

Director of Research Infrastructures is responsible for strategic development, follow-up and decision preparation related to the University’s infrastructures.

Development Services, University Services | +358 44 716 3260

My duties include e.g. development and coordination of UEF infrastructure program and further, strategic planning, cooperation with other institutes and companies, and decision preparation.

Based on the above mentioned duties, University’s collaboration within innovation ecosystems and companies will be strengthened. Collaboration is carried out e.g. with other educational institutes, local councils and national CLIC Innovation consortium.


My expertise in the research include research on biomaterial science, especially on material interactions and chemical analysis. We are one of the leading teams for microplastics analysis in Finland. I will continue leading microplastic research project funded by the Academy of Finland.


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