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Azmeary  Ferdoush

Azmeary Ferdoush

Postdoctoral Researcher

Karelian Institute, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 528 9873

050 5289873
050 528 9873
+358 50 528 9873
+35850 528 9873
050 5289 873
+358 50 5289 873
+35850 5289 873
+358 50 5289873
+35850 5289873

I am an Academy of Finland (AOF) postdoctoral researcher based at the Karelian Institute. My AOF project explores whether, why, and how the state creates a situation where refugees and asylum seekers are kept indeterminately waiting. It is geographically focused on the Rohingya refugees in the camps of Bangladesh and the asylum seekers residing in different reception centers in Finland.

At the Institute, my works engage with the university strategic program that focuses specifically on the profiling area of  “cultural encounters, mobilities and borders.” Broadly, I am interested in exploring the way man-made ideas of borders and bounded spaces affect human mobility and vice versa. As such, I specialize in the study of state, territory, borders, sovereignty, (non)citizenship, and migration. At the same time, I often remain critical regarding “importing” ready-made ideas from the Global North to the Global South in terms of both theory and methods. My scholarship thus sits at the intersection of political geography, critical geopolitics, decolonial praxis, and qualitative research methods.

You can find more about my research here.


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