Visiting Researcher

Ekaterina Mikhailova is a Postdoctoral researcher at University of Eastern Finland, working in the project 'Transformation of Soviet Republic Borders to International Borders' and a Research Fellow at Faculty of Geography, Lomonosov Moscow State University.
As an early career border scholar, Ekaterina is an author of over thirty Russian and English articles on cross-border communities and trans-frontier cooperation. Ekaterina has been involved in collecting empirical data and analysing cross-border interactions along Russian borders with Norway, Finland, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and China, as well as at the Swedish–Norwegian and Spanish–French borders. From 2012 to 2014, Ekaterina worked in FP7 research project ‘EUBORDERREGIONS’.
Ekaterina’s major English publications include the edited volume 'Twin Cities: Urban Communities, Borders and Relationships over Time' (coedited with John Garrard, Routledge 2019), ‘Are Refugees welcome to the Arctic? Perceptions of Arctic Migrants at the Russian–Norwegian Borderland’ (2018) and ‘Collaborative problem solving in cross-border context: learning from paired local communities along the Russian border’ (2017).