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Elham  Kakaei Lafdani

Elham Kakaei Lafdani

Visiting Researcher

School of Forest Sciences, Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology

I am working on a research project to develop a biochar-based water protection tool for forestry. In this project, I am studying and testing a biochar reactor for water purification and retaining nutrients from forest runoff waters. Measuring the adsorption characteristics related to different biochars for compounds present in natural waters, studying how the adsorption characteristics are related to biochar properties, and mathematical modelling of biochar reactor operation are the main aspects of the current project. My overall aim is to get a comprehensive understanding of recovering nutrients from a relatively low initial concentration, high water volume, and in the presence of high dissolved organic matter concentration using a biochar reactor.
My background is in agriculture and natural resources engineering. My research of interest lies in various issues, including carbon neutrality, water treatments, nutrient recycling, climate change, and modelling the hydrological extremes using interdisciplinary methods to understand hydrological processes and their interaction with human activities.


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