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My Research Project investigates how students with learning difficulties experience different feedback methods to support their learning in school-based and workplace settings in vocational education and training (VET).

I'm curious about knowing the current feedback trends in Finnish vocational education and training institutions and how this feedback is given and received by teachers and workplace trainers among students who experienced various kinds of learning difficulties (LD). I'd like to know if feedback from teachers and trainers is sufficient to help them learn independently. In addition, I'm looking into how various types of feedback might assist students in staying motivated during their studies and careers. This qualitative study will use focus groups, observations, and interviews with students, teachers, trainers, experts, and workplace trainers' perspectives.


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School of Educational Sciences and Psychology, Special Education






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International Collaboration- Special Needs Teacher Training  - University of Illinois Chicago, University of Oslo, Norway, and University of Palermo Transition/Vocational Teacher training - University of Illinois Chicago