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Giulio Calcara

University Lecturer

Lecturer and Researcher in international law, transnational criminal law, police cooperation, policing, and INTERPOL

Law School, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

Giulio Calcara works as a lecturer and researcher in criminal law, international criminal law, and public international law at the University of Eastern Finland. Most of his research focuses on international police cooperation, international law, transnational criminal law, and cybercrime. In these fields, he has published articles and has been appointed as reviewer and peer reviewer for major academic publishing houses such as Brill, Oxford University Press, Routledge, Sage, Springer, and Wiley-Blackwell.

He has acted in the capacity of an expert on INTERPOL and international police cooperation on several occasions. For instance, he has been in charge of reviewing a report concerning INTERPOL activities and impact on human rights for the European Parliament. Additionally, he has given interviews as an expert for international media on human rights and INTERPOL.


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