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Hanna-Mari  Lahtinen

Hanna-Mari Lahtinen

University Lecturer


School of Educational Sciences and Psychology, Philosophical Faculty | +358 50 342 8546

Hanna Lahtinen (PhD) is a psychologist specialized in legal psychology and works as a university lecturer at University of Eastern Finland. Investigating child abuse and developing better practice for children to get access to justice has been her main interest as a practitioner and an academic for over two decades now. Her research has focused on child abuse disclosure and training investigative interviewers. Lahtinen is also an expert-member at the Administrative court of Eastern Finland and trains professionals from different fields in interviewing children. She is currently involved on two EU -funded projects:

1)  In Knowledge to Prevent (2KNOW) project Lahtinen focuses on research during 1.3.2023 – 1.3.2025. Project 2KNOW aims to support and improve national and international data collection on violence against children by developing a sustainable and replicable data collection model that is suited to gathering information about online sexual violence against children.

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2) COST Action to Establish networks to implement the principles on effective interviewing for investigations (ImpleMendéz) during 1.10.2023 – 30.9.2027. The project aims to support and improve national and international networks for wider implementation of the ‘Mendez Principles’, ending cruel and inhumane practices that have adversely affected so many lives through unethical interrogations. Lahtinen represents Finland in the Management Committee of the project and is a co-leader in the Working group 3 (Vulnerability themes).

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