Ina  Grönlund

Ina Grönlund

I am on leave between 9.1.2023 and 7.1.2024.

I work at the University of Eastern Finland’s open university as a career and guidance counselor.
Career and guidance counsellor, MA (education).

University of Eastern Finland, Centre for Continuous Learning

Are you pondering some of these questions: What kind of possibilities I have right now? What are my hopes for the future? What I am good at and what are my strengths? How I can plan my studies? What I could do right now?


If you answered yes to even one question or you have now more questions on your mind, you may book complimentary counselling time via e-mail or directly from our bookings calendar. Together we may ponder and consider about your studies and career in a way that is suitable for your life situation. Counselling appointments are held mainly via remote connection. Occasionally you may find me on Joensuu campus. Appointemts in Helsinki area are also possible, e.g. counselling by walking. If you wish to have a counselling in Helsinki area, please contact me first via email