I am Professor of English, and my research focuses on diverse literary and cultural phenomena.

My research focuses on cultural and national identities in fiction and travel writing, literature and borders, and the human-animal relationships. My work clarifies the nature of the relationship between Britain and Europe and processes of cultural mixing i.e. hybridization.


Since 2007, I am Professor of English at the School of Humanities at the University of Eastern Finland, and I teach literary and cultural studies. I am currently Vice-Dean of the Philosophical Faculty. I have studied in Finland and the UK. After completing my MA and FL (Licentiate) degrees at the University of Joensuu (as UEF was known until 2010 )in the early 1990s, I was awarded a British Council Fellowship for further study. In 1994-95, I studied Cultural Studies at the Department of Cultural Studies at the University of East London, UK, where I was awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Cultural Studies (1995). I received my PhD in English from the University of Joensuu in 1996, and a second doctoral degree in sociology in 2005. I have published widely in my research areas and directed several research projects.

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