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I work on the research project "Listening Cultures, Mediated Sounds and Built Spaces" funded by the Academy of Finland (ACMESOCS, 2019–2022). My research interests in the project are the history of background music and the experience of everyday music.

My research interests so far have related to various uses of music in recent history, primarily in Finnish everyday life and audiovisual content. I have studied advertising and propaganda uses of music in Finnish short films, histories of advertising and background music products, as well as listening practices and changes in them in the context of sound recording and reproduction developments.

I am a Doctor of Social sciences, and an associate professor of social history of music at the University of Turku. In my dissertation "Consumer tunes: music in Finnish advertising films from 1950s to 1970s" (2005, University of Helsinki) I studied the history of Finnish advertising film music and its composers.

I am also a board member in the Finnish Musicological Society and the Research Association Suoni ry., and one of three editors of the Finnish Yearbook of Ethnomusicology.

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