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Kitti  Suoranta

Kitti Suoranta

Doctoral Researcher

Junior researcher

Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 511 0249

050 5110249
050 511 0249
+358 50 511 0249
+35850 511 0249
050 5110 249
+358 50 5110 249
+35850 5110 249
+358 50 5110249
+35850 5110249

My sociological dissertation addresses the institutional and cultural regulation of intimacy and sexual relationships in Finland from the 1960’s to the present moment. I focus on the intersection of macro and micro levels, on how sociocultural changes of the period have shaped the lived experiences and social networks of the people living through them. I look at 1) shifts in the normative climate, from the quest of homosexual rights to the sexual citizenship of same-sex couples and to the recent queering of the heterosexual couple norm; 2) the regulation of homosexuality in the biographical narratives and social networks of older gay and straight men living alone, and 3) the surfacing of non-monogamy in the Finnish wider public in 2020 and how this cultural idea shapes how people actually live in their relationships with media and interview data.

I am also the editor of which is a social scientific publication aimed at the wider public. I write popular science articles about couple norms, ethical non-monogamy and social scientific research of sexuality.


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