PhD student

Doctoral student in Katja Kanninen group at the A I Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences since May 2019.

The focus of my PhD project is to study the effects of environmental pollutants on brain health and the correlation between pollutant exposure and neurodegeneration.

Technical expertise includes in vitro and in vivo human and murine models, animal surgeries, tissue processing, immunohistochemistry and molecular biology methods.

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Teaching Activities

Sept 2017 – Jan 2018 – Undergraduate teaching assistant (histology for medical students), Saint Petersburg State University.

Societal Activities

Feb 2020-Present – Member of Brain Research Society of Finland

Participated in the following conferences to date:
FENS Virtual Forum 2020
12th International Particle Toxicology Conference and 1st Young Scientist Forum 2019
Air pollution and the Brain course, Kuopio, Finland, 2019
Winter School 2019 of the Doctoral Program in Molecular Medicine, Kuopio, Finland
SynaNet Annual Meeting “Neurologic and Psychiatric Disorders: from synapses to networks” 2018
22nd EDUFI Winter School “Big Numbers, Small Numbers – from Data to Understanding” 2018
III All-Russian Conference with International Participation “Neurobiology of Integrative Functions of the Brain” 2017
All-Russian Conference “Pharmacology of regulatory neuropeptides” 2017
International Interdisciplinary Congress “Neuroscience for Medicine and Psychology” 2017
24th International “Stress and Behavior” Neuroscience and Biopsychiatry Conference 2017
4th biennial German–Russian Symposium “Molecular Neurobiology Today and Tomorrow” 2017

Research groups and research projects

Research group- Neurobiology of Disease Research Group (PI. Katja Kanninen), A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences, University of Eastern Finland,

Ph.D. project: “Targeting adverse effects of air pollution on brain health”

Also involved in the following projects:
1) TUBE-
3) Investigation of susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2 viral entry in human olfactory mucosal cells