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University Lecturer in Public Law

Matti Muukkonen (Dr. Adm. Sc., M.Soc.Sc., M.A. in Law) is an univeristy lecturer. His specialties are self-governing communities, especially municipalities and associations. As part of the study of municipal law, Muukkonen's research topics concern municipalities as institutions, as local government organizes its administration and finances, and the activities of municipalities. The approach also highlights links to norms on municipal service production, the most recent causes of the crisis in elderly care.

Muukkonen returned to the university after a 10-year break. Previously, he has worked as a researcher and senior assistant in both administrative law and European law. Outside the university, he has worked as an executive director of a non-governmental organization, a digital business development manager, startup entrepreneur, research director, chief municipal officer of three municipalities, and other municipal administration tasks such as part-time Social Director, Director of Education, Head of the Kindergarten and School Assistant.

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Local Administrion Law, Civil Servant Law, Finance Administration Law, Association Law, B.A. and M.A. seminars.

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