Postdoctoral Researcher

Academy of Finland Post-doctoral fellow

I specialize in economic law and sustainability governance at national, international and transnational levels. My scholarship covers business law, climate law, international economic law and various forms of sustainability regulation. In addition to academic activities, I advise companies, NGOs and the government on issues as varied as corporate governance, foreign investment and business & human rights.

I currently lead the research project The Law of the Green Developmental State: State Shareholders in Climate Governance (9/2019-8/2022) and a sub-project in the research consortium Law for Secure Supply: Internalizing the Crisis Exceptions (8/2020-11/2023). Both projects are funded by the Academy of Finland.


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Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, Law School






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Recent publications  
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  3. Jaakko Salminen & Mikko Rajavuori, Law, Agency and Sustainability: The Role of Law in Creating Sustainability Agency. Forthcoming in Research Handbook of Sustainability Agency, eds. Satu Teerikangas et al., Edward Elgar (2021) [15 p.], SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=3724741
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