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Mirjami  Ikonen

Mirjami Ikonen

University Lecturer

Human Resource Management and Leadership

Business School, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 442 2488

As a researcher and university lecturer at Business School, I study leadership issues and trust development,  trust breaches, and trust restoration in work communities and networks, particularly from a process ontological perspective. Processes of organizational behavior inspire me as interpretations of actors. In my studies, I apply experimental, creative qualitative methods of data collection and analysis (e.g., method of empathy-based stories, compassion method, portraiture, and co-produced autoethnography). In pedagogy, I rely on inquiry learning with different collaborative learning methods (drama, escape room, lego pedagogy). I received the University of Eastern Finland’s Skilled Teacher Award in 2018, the Finnish Economists’ Teaching Award in 2019 for my courageous development of online teaching, and the Optimi Good Teacher Award in 2023.


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