Senior researcher

Scientific research in atmosphere – biosphere interactions – measurements and modelling

My Ph.D. research has focussed on the measurement of greenhouse gas fluxes such as CO2 and CH4 from a pristine peatland in Minnesota, USA employing micrometeorological eddy covariance technique. My subsequent research activities in various other ecosystems have made use of this knowledge gained during my graduate studies. I am interested in continuing to use these state of the art measurement techniques to understand the carbon and nitrogen biogeochemical cycles in agriculture and other complex ecosystems such as natural and managed peatlands, forests on organic and mineral soils and arctic ecosystems. My other interest includes simulation modelling of biogeochemical cycles of C and N using the field data to validate the models that are an important tool in enhancing our understanding of the atmosphere-biosphere exchange.

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Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Biogeochemistry Research Group