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Outi  Hakola

Outi Hakola

University Lecturer

Academy Research Fellow

University Lecturer in Qualitative Research Methods

Department of Health and Social Management, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 413 3164

Outi Hakola works as a university lecturer in qualitative research methods at University of Eastern Finland. Her expertise includes health & art studied, death studies, cultural studies, film and television studies, and humor studies. She is a docent in Area and Cultural Studies (University of Helsinki) and a docent in societal media studies (University of Turku).

Her background is in film, television and literature studies. She has Master of Arts degrees in both Media Studies (2005) and Comparative Literature (2003) from the University of Turku, where she defended her dissertation, Rhetoric of Death and Generic Addressing of Viewers in American Living Dead Films, in 2011. After her PhD she worked at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies as a programme coordinator for Human Mortality project (2011-2013), at the Department of Radio-Television-Film (University of Texas at Austin, United States) as visiting researcher (2013-2014), and as a university lecturer in North American Studies (Area and Cultural Studies, University of Helsinki, 2014-2017). Most recently, she worked as a Academy of Finland Research Fellow at the Area and Cultural Studies (University of Helsinki, 2017-2022). Her research project, Constructing Good Death, deals with documentary films on end-of-life issues.


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