Sarolta  Németh

Sarolta Németh

Senior Researcher

European regional development and policy, territorial governance and cohesion; territorial cooperation, CBC; inter-organisational networks and regional development; information society, rural development and technology

Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, Karelian Institute | +358 50 442 3099

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050 442 3099
+358 50 442 3099
+35850 442 3099
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+35850 4423 099
+358 50 4423099
+35850 4423099

Sarolta Németh (PhD Social Sciences, University of Joensuu; MA English Language and Literature, ELTE Budapest) is Project Researcher at the Karelian Institute and holds the title of a Docent at the Department of Geographical and Historical Studies, UEF. During her early academic career, she focused on the role of technologies and innovation networks in local/regional development, and worked first at the Department of Social and Economic Geography, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary (2000/2001), then at the Department of Geography, University of Joensuu, Finland (2002-2008), and, as a visiting post-doc researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Science, Technology and Society, Graz, Austria (2009/10). At the Karelian Institute, UEF (since 2010), Dr Németh has worked in EU-funded (ESPON, FP7, Horizon2020) research projects; during 2016-2020, she is a coordination team member of RELOCAL (H2020 project) as well as INTERREG Europe project “ECoC-SME”. Her recent topics include territorial cohesion and cooperation, development of border regions, the governance of cohesion policies, local development and participation.


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